Beach Ninja - Wednesday , October 12 , 2005
It's been so long since i updated. i almost abandoned you guys. i'm so sorry. forgive me.

I got a new job. i also got World of Warcraft, i'm currently on the european server Azjol-Nerub, my character is Saje, i'm interested in starting a Beach Ninja guild, email me if you're on those servers. i Will also consider changing and making a new alt char.

I am in no way saying that Bill Gates is a demon in disguise (but it does explain his success) or that playstation are in league with the devil, but the next stage of the console wars is going to take this to a new level. Either one is going to have to do something drastic to beat the other one in terms of sales.

Fifa '06 is out, i haven't played it yet as i'm not a huge football game fan. but i've heard it's innovative and good, which is unusual for EA.

Check out Fahrenheit aswell, or if you're in america Indigo Prophecy, it's an unusual concept.

Finally check out the new family guy movie, omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

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